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Holistic Approaches to Immune System Improvement

Spring into spring holistically with great health – physically, emotionally, & mentally!

There is always excitement as we go into the early weeks of spring.  Our winter schedules change, the days get longer, and our general desire for movement increases.  Despite our current circumstances, let’s do our best to enjoy this spring season. Here are 3 holistic living tips & trips to boost your immune system!

1. Clean Out the Cobwebs

Every traditional medicine practice around the globe is based on the cycles of nature. Once you understand how each season fits into the overall cycle of your body, you can capitalize on what you need so that you remain strong and healthy.  

Spring is the time of year when nature, including our bodies, goes into a rebirth cycle. The time of rest, reflection, relaxation, and nourishment transitions to a period of movement.  By shedding the old – weight, sluggishness, and thought patterns – a period of growth can begin. 

This philosophy is also embraced when it comes to needing a “breath of fresh air”.  By walking outside 20 minutes a day you give your body the opportunity to expend and expel stagnant air and energy. Not to mention the sun exposure increases your vitamin D levels which gives you a boost to your mood and immune system. ♥

2. Eat Your.......Herbs?

The importance of eating with the seasons is also highlighted in traditional medicine.  Spring comes with foods and herbs that work to cleanse the body.  While it is important to cleanse, it is equally important to continue to build and maintain your health.  Because this season is a little different, I have chosen four everyday pantry items that nourish your body and help prevent illness:


Similar to cinnamon, ginger is a stimulating herb that can warm you up from the inside out. Relieve any cramping or soothe nausea by adding some ginger slices to tea. A delightful pantry item to keep on hand during the holidays (and year-round).


Raw or cooked, garlic is a herb used in a variety of common meals. But did you know that garlic can actually fight bacteria, viruses, and parasites? Also great as an antidiarrheal if you find you are in a bind over the holidays.


Another excellent kitchen remedy for those who might have caught a cold is lemon. Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C which fights minor throat infections. As a digestive aid, fresh lemon in the pantry is a must-have.


Aromatic cloves are often used as a spice in curries and dessert, but it can be used as a herbal remedy. Have you come down with a toothache? Cloves can help relieve pain associated with toothaches. This pantry item also has anti-fungal properties which can help alleviate athlete’s foot. Take some cloves to prevent bad breath too – especially after eating those garlic mashed potatoes!


Paired with lemon tea (or any tea, for that matter), honey will do wonders to soothe a sore throat and reduce coughing. With a powerful antibacterial and antioxidant punch, honey will help you kick that pesky cold or flu sooner. Topically, high-quality honey is a great treatment for minor burns.

3. Stop & Smell the Roses

When cleaning and disinfecting your counter-tops add tea tree essential oil to a spray bottle as it has antiviral and antibacterial properties.  Whether you are cleaning or using a diffuser, inhaling deeply through your nose and mouth will “coat” your airways and prevent germs from getting a strong hold.  Lastly, adding your favorite essential oil (I like rose) to your hand or body lotion will not only protect your health, the scent will improve your mood. 

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