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How We Avoided Gastrointestinal Surgery for Our Daughter by Using Herbs

When you become a parent you enter a whole new level of worry, anxiety, self-loathing & constant fear you are doing everything wrong.  

So what happens when your child goes off to daycare? 

You are always on the look-out for dangerous situations that can cause harm to your child or situations that your child could accidently harm others. You talk to the daycare providers about behavior and development. You look at the arts and crafts they bring home and gush at your little Picasso, but you never focus on bodily functions.  

Here is my shortened version of the things we learned about our daughter’s body after we put her into daycare…

We were thrilled that our daughter, Abigail, was adjusting so well to daycare.  Everything was going well and she seemed very happy, she was eating, and the daycare was reporting no issues.  Life gets busy and we continued our days until I started realizing that something was missing.  About two weeks after Abi started daycare I was startled to see her in the “stiff board pose” screaming in pain. I asked “What hurts, did you fall down?” and then it dawned on me…


Oh WOW - this is a REAL problem!

She was 2 at the time and she literally just stopped having bowel movements. She was active, ate a very healthy diet of fruits and vegetables with limited dairy and carbohydrates. It was only after we saw and heard her writhing in pain did we started to put the pieces together. We spoke to her day home provider and we all realized it had been almost 2 weeks without a bowel movement. We all assumed that she was going for the other person. Not to panic, everyone gets constipated at some point, right?

So we did all the things you think to do…

Suppositories – Nothing! 
Oral laxatives – Nothing!
Enemas at the ER – something but it was traumatic and it took 45 minutes after the enema for the bowel movement to occur. 

On one occasion we were told to follow up in 3 days if there was no further action. Needless to say in 3 days we were back in the ER. The ultimate direction from the doctor was

  • 1.5 full adult servings of Restorolax/day
  • a referral to a pediatrician
  • dietary modifications

After an entire year of every type of enema you can think of, blood work, x-rays, suppositories, and a modified diet of fruits (prunes daily) and vegetables, we were no farther ahead. She was still only pooping once every 7-10 days.

The next step was gastrointestinal surgery.  I didn’t want to put my now 4-year-old through major surgery and I was feeling that conventional medicine was not working.  Furthermore, the stress of her condition was affecting our quality of life – our sleep was disrupted, we were constantly worried about her development (how do you send your kid to kindergarten when they aren’t toilet trained?), our son’s needs were taking a back seat to Abi’s needs, and we didn’t know where to go for advice.

My little one with a sore tummy. This was after she dealt with all the pain. We felt helpless.
When I reached out to we were defeated...

My husband was skeptical and hesitant, but was willing to try anything after exhausting all conventional resources and treatments.

Abi’s attitude, sleep, eating, everything was affected by this.  Kristy was aware of my husband’s concerns and we discussed everything in detail.  Nothing was recommended that wasn’t explained and if we had issues or concerns, Kristy adapted her approach. 

She recognized my daughter’s age and encouraged me to clear everything with her pediatrician to give us comfort.  Once my husband and I were comfortable and understood the approach, Kristy created a plan for us and provided us with supplements to start giving her.

but within 24 hours of adopting the right plan EVERYTHING changed!

I was shocked!  

Only 24 hours after the first dose of her regiment she had a bowel movement and a huge one at that.  Her attitude was better and she could sleep again! 

Within the first week she was averaging 2-3 bowel movements a day. Her body was literally cleaning itself out and resetting.  We jokingly termed the events at our house POOPAPALOOZA.  It was a challenging time, but the excitement of the “movement” overrode the exhaustion.  The intensity subsided and after one week on Kristy’s program, Abi was going every 1-2 days!

Kristy gave us the tools we needed. We got our Abi back!

Fast forward 6 months. Abi is our happy daughter again! Fully toilet trained with regular bowel movements, eating new foods, and not scared to poop! It is truly night and day from where we were two years ago.  

More importantly Kristy’s plan was adjustable.  We do not need to give her the complete regiment anymore and have since leveled everything off.  Her body just needed support and now it is working the way it should…

Kristy gave us the tools and advice we needed to get our daughter feeling better where conventional medicine failed us.  Without her, I don’t know where we would be with Abi today.  We will not hesitate to consult her on health and wellness issues for our family and we are devoted customers of her product line.  When you work with her and/or use her products, improvements are noticeable fairly quickly.

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