Who Benefits from a Consult like this and What can I Expect? 

The consult is available to first time clients only. During this one-on-one consultation, we will look at your current condition and devise an overall holistic empowerment strategy to help you heal. By the end of this 3-Hour Health Intensive we will also determine the best approach to work together further to implement that strategy.

Please note that I do NOT provide diagnoses for your conditions as I am NOT a medical doctor. 

What is The Layout of the Strategy Consultation?

The Assessment

You will receive intake and waiver forms to be completed 2-days prior to our live session. The private session will be conducted online using Zoom unless another online program is required by the client. In-person sessions can be held in Calgary AB, Canada ONLY and upon request. I will use various techniques to identify, assess, and restore balance to different areas of your body. Each session is approached uniquely to fit your specific needs.

Therefore multiple techniques used during this phase may include:

♦ Iridology – used to detect strengths and weaknesses in the body including inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, circulation, tension, and acidity levels.

♦ Tongue – also used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to provide insight on the body’s gastrointestinal organs as well as the assimilative, metabolic, and circulatory systems.

♦ Reflex Contact – used in acupuncture and chiropractic practices to identify energy patterns through the use of pressure points on the body which correspond to internal systems, organs, or functions.

♦ Reflexology – the application of pressure by the practitioner’s hand, thumb, and/or fingers to specific areas of the feet and hands that correspond to glands, organs, and systems of the body. The treatment promotes relaxation and re-balances different areas of the body.

The Strategy

We will focus on developing an empowered holistic healing strategy that is right for you.  The aim is to design an overall strategy that will complement and support your needs and lifestyle so you can heal naturally.  I will work with you to identify and suggest natural health options (relaxation or lifestyle recommendations) and products (herbs, supplements, and essential oils) which will assist you in your holistic living journey . 

This one time consultation session will form the basis of how we will work together to implement the overall empowered holistic healing strategy.

How Do I Purchase & Schedule My Holistic Living Strategy Consult?

This 3-Hour Health Intensive session will pave the way for your overall healing journey. Each session is designed for you to receive sufficient time, compassion, and consideration.  Please contact me to book and purchase this session.

I Want to Skip the Strategy Consult –
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