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I want to learn how working with you in the 6-month Holistic Living Empowerment Program will empower me to…

♦ Learn & refine what MY body needs to heal naturally.
♦ Increase my energy levels so I can live joyfully.
♦ Decrease my stress by focusing on what I am meant to do well versus “doing it all”.
♦ Discover how my emotional and mental states influence my health.
♦ Make environmentally conscious decisions that support my holistic lifestyle.
♦ Enjoy the luxuries life has to offer. 

Once you submit the 6-month Holistic Living Empowerment Program questionnaire, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your FREE 30-minute Connection Call.  During the call we will…

♦ Figure out what is going on in your overall all health right now.
♦ Discuss what you are missing when it comes to support.  
♦ Get clear on what is preventing you from improving your overall health from a mind-body-soul perspective.

If while on the call you feel like I can help you & we are a match, I will share the details of my Holistic Living Empowerment Program. If not, you will leave the call with more clarity on what to focus on holistically!  

3- Hour Holistic Health Intensive

This 3 hour private intensive is available for new clients. We will look at your current condition and devise an overall strategy to help you change your health holistically. Based on the strategy developed, we will determine the best approach to work together further.

Reduce Stress, Calm Your Emotions, Re-balance Your Mind & Empower Your Body 90-Minute Mini Course

I am ready to learn how to…

♦ use 8 common herbs and essential oils so I can heal my body
♦ re-balance my emotions so that I can weather any storms
♦ calm my mind to finally have inner peace and quiet
♦ reduce chronic stress so I can accomplish more in my life
♦ discover where I am missing pleasure and learn how to incorporate luxury in my life

* Once I receive your purchase request, you will receive a payment form followed by a secure link to download this 90 Minute Mini Course & easy-to-use self-discovery document.