As a Holistic Living Coach & Clinical Herbalist…

I empower high-achieving professionals to consciously choose a holistic health approach so they can live with joy, luxury, and grace.  

What that means is I create customized one-on-one programs to address your health transformation using clinical knowledge and intuitive wisdom so you can integrate luxurious natural solutions that fit into your busy schedule while you up level your career and lifestyle with ease. 

Each program is designed to respect your needs so you may live in luxury and optimal health.  

If you are ready to have more energy, heal holistically, and live an environmentally conscious life with luxury, then it is time for us to talk!  

I’ve been where you are and I know the way out…


My Personal Healing Journey –
An Evolution to Holistic Living with Grace & Luxury

Nature has always fascinated me and I could talk about the health of this planet with passion for hours as it has been a subject close to my heart my entire life.  My passion for the natural environment somehow seemed unrelated to my own health until, in my mid-twenties, I experienced a serious health issue that changed the course of my life.

During my health scare I was in the middle of graduate school in Biology. I was focused on science and making my way in the world through researching and conserving the environment. I had a lot on my plate, and I wanted my health to just “fall in line.” So, I did what most of us do and went to doctors – A LOT of doctors.

Eventually I was diagnosed with abnormal migraines which caused me to have multiple TIAs (Transient Ischemic Attacks). I quickly became LOST as to what I needed to do next. I didn’t have the tools to manage my condition and I didn’t know where to turn for help.

At the time, the western medicine approach was the only thing that I knew, and I was grateful for the treatment and diagnosis (I interacted with many kind doctors and nurses). I continue to be grateful for that medical system, but I needed more.

I needed more information and more attention than the allopathic professionals could offer.  I also needed emotional support to help me have the correct mindset to be able to navigate my situation to a harmonious result. That need for “more” drove me to finish my master’s degree and embark on the path to discover traditional, natural, and alternative approaches to healing.

As I dove deeper into the natural health arena, I started to worry that I needed to give up the luxuries of modern life and the high-end lifestyle I enjoyed. I didn’t fit in either camp – not a yuppy and not a hippy!  I felt out of place in both realms until I became passionate about herbal medicine.  

Through herbal medicine I realized my fear was unfounded.  There is a way to have both! It is entirely possible to live a luxurious lifestyle, using high-end products that are natural, smell amazing and even make this planet a better place!

Being in the corporate world for nearly two decades as a professional biologist, I can appreciate the pressures that a career path puts on a woman. We want to do it all – look good, feel good, and continue to be successful professionally.  Sadly, our physical and emotional health often takes a backseat to everything AND everyone else.  

My passion for the external environment led me into the complex studies of the internal environment to give me a unique perspective on health and life. 

By combining holistic and scientific approaches to healing, I got to have it all – and you can too!  More energy, more harmony and grace, which sets you up for personal and corporate success, while living an environmentally conscious lifestyle that supports our planet. 

As a Holistic Living Coach and a Clinical Herbalist, I love guiding and empowering corporate women who want to heal naturally without sacrificing any of the luxuries life has to offer!  My Holistic Living Empowerment program is highly customized to address your specific health and lifestyle needs because like me, you likely need more.

I’m excited to empower you on your holistic healing journey.
Here are 2 ways for us to work together!

Purchase a 90 minute private VIP consult.
(Available to first time clients only.)

♦ During the session, we will look at your current condition and devise an overall holistic empowerment strategy to help you heal.

♦ We will also determine the best approach to work together further to implement that strategy.

Schedule a FREE 30 minute Holistic Living Empowerment Program Strategy Call.

♦ During the conversation I will identify your specific needs, and highlight the gaps in your overall health & wellness.

♦ You will leave the call with practical recommendations so you can reach your professional and personal goals with ease, grace, & luxury.