Heal Naturally – Live Holistically
with Luxury! 

Are You Ready To...

♦ Have more energy and feel great?

♦ Address the ROOT of your health issues and heal 
holistically while having luxury?

♦ Feel supported along your healing journey?

♦ Know EXACTLY what your body needs when it comes
to your diet, sleep patterns, & supplements?

Do You Feel...

♦ Ignored by the medical profession?

♦ Exhausted & overwhelmed by all the conflicting
health & wellness information out there?

♦ Stuck, frustrated, or hopeless regarding your health?

♦ Stressed and don’t know how to slow down because
when you do, you feel worse?

If you answered YES to any of the questions above…

then it is time to join my

Holistic Living Empowerment Program!

With refined, one-on-one attention you will get the knowledge and support to empower you to heal holistically
while living with Luxury & Grace.

Why Wait Any Longer...

Once you book your FREE call with me, you will be directed to a short questionnaire.
This questionnaire is a REQUIRED step when setting up the free strategy call with me so that I may provide you the best experience possible. 

When we work together you will be...

♦ learning and refining what YOUR body needs to heal naturally.

♦ increasing your energy levels so you can live joyfully.

♦ decreasing your stress by focusing on what you are meant to do well versus “doing it all”.

♦ discovering how your emotional and mental states influence your health.

♦ making environmentally conscious decisions that support your holistic lifestyle.

♦ enjoying the luxuries life has to offer. 

Read what my clients are saying about working with me!
“When I started with Kristy I was desperate for help.
She never doubted that I could live with less pain and that confidence helped me know I wasn’t alone in this fight.
Working with Kristy was the best thing that I could have done for myself.  I now know what triggers my physical pain and what works for my body.
I recommend her to anyone who feels hopeless about their health and wants to try a holistic approach.

Valarie A., Florida, USA

 “Kristy has changed my life in just a few short months.

She has helped to increase my stamina, lessened my body inflammation, and completely changed my diet while breaking bad habits I never thought I’d give up.

Kristy taught me how to fuel my body and soul. The practices I’m learning will stay with me forever.

Nothing good comes easy but Kristy is the perfect person to take on the challenge you may not even know you had and work you towards your Best Life.” 

Jacey C., Tennesse, USA

“I cannot list all the amazing ways that my life has changed since I began working with Kristy.

Not only has my central nervous system HEALED, my perspective on my overall health has improved, and my quality of life has skyrocketed!
I have learned the depth of my strength & how to connect with others & be vulnerable.

I am grateful for Kristy’s guidance and knowledge. Who I am in this healed state has been accomplished with her there every step of the way.”

Pam B., Alberta, Canada

“I highly recommend Kristy and her 6-month program.  I have seen so much transformation in myself and my life!  

I think the thing that surprised me the most was discovering the root of what was holding me back.  Coming to realize my limitations were things that I created, imagined and in the end, discovering a love for MYSELF I never knew existed.  

Peeling back all the self doubt & realizing I was living in fear, fear of success!  I LOVE how Kristy is able to recognize and point out how your physical health is so intertwined with all the other aspects of your life.”  

Diane A., Nova Scotia, Canada

How do I know this works?
Because I am living proof, here is a little bit of my story…

Nature has always fascinated me and I could talk about the health of this planet with passion for hours as it has been a subject close to my heart my entire life. Yet, I didn’t link my passion for the environment to my own health until, in my mid-twenties, when I experienced a serious health condition that changed the course of my life.
During my health scare I was in the middle of graduate school in Biology. I was focused on science and making my way in the world with environmental research and conservation. I had a lot on my plate, and I wanted my health to just “fall in line.” So I did what most of us do – went to doctors – A LOT of doctors.

Eventually I was diagnosed (read my complete story here)…but I needed more…

As I started to delve deeper into the natural health arena, I started to worry that I needed to give up the luxuries of modern life and the high-end lifestyle I enjoyed. I didn’t fit in either camp – not a yuppy and not a hippy!  I felt out of place in both realms until I became passionate about herbal medicine.  Through herbal medicine I realized my fear was unfounded.  There is a way to have both! It is entirely possible to live a luxurious lifestyle, using high quality products that are natural, smell and feel amazing, and even make this planet a better place!

My passion for the external environment led me into the complex studies of the internal environment to give me a unique perspective on health and life.  By combining holistic and scientific approaches to healing, I got to have it all – and you can too!  More energy, better health, and more joy while living an environmentally conscious life that supports our planet – all of which sets you up for personal and professional success. 

Being in the corporate world for nearly two decades as a professional biologist, I can appreciate the pressures of a career path. We want to do it all – look good, feel good, and continue to be successful professionally.  Sadly, our physical and emotional health often takes a backseat to everything AND everyone else.  As a Holistic Life Empowerment Mentor and a Clinical Herbalist I love guiding corporate women who want to heal naturally without sacrificing any of the luxuries life has to offer!  My Holistic Living Empowerment Program is highly customized to address your specific health and lifestyle needs because like me, you likely need more.

What does the customized program include?

To get the most out of your customized Holistic Living Program, I empower you to transform your health and life naturally over 6 months.

You will Discover the Specific Needs of Your Body So You Can Heal Naturally

♦ Feel heard and supported so you can make informed health choices without feeling overwhelmed.

♦ Discover which areas of your body are out of balance so you can start your healing journey.

♦ Receive a holistic care package with natural remedies, selected specifically for you, that will help relieve your physical pain.

Live Vibrantly By Healing the Root Cause of Your Pain Holistically

♦ Improve your digestion, sleep, energy levels, and concentration so you can live a vibrant life. 

♦ Learn how your emotions affect your physical and mental health so you can correct your negative habits and stop falling into the same health slumps.

♦ Identify the mental chatter that holds you back from reaching your personal and professional goals.

♦ Discover the origins of your pain so that you can address the root cause and heal holistically.

Transform Your Self Judgement Into Self Care So You Stop Sabotaging Your Progress

♦ Learn the self care techniques that are right for you so that you gain deeper awareness and face life’s challenges with grace and ease.

♦ Find the triggers that prevent you from having more fulfillment in your work and personal life.

♦ Eliminate the excuses you have to avoid self care so that you can reach your highest potential. 

♦ Create boundaries so that you can maximize your greatest personal and professional relationships.

Overcome Your Fears and Stop Hiding Your Greatest Talents

♦ Identify and integrate the many facets of your world so you can live an authentic and congruent life.

♦ Honor your uniqueness by learning what a balanced life looks like for you.

♦ Identify the mental chatter that holds you back from reaching your personal and professional goals.

♦ Learn to stop hiding so that you give yourself and others the opportunity to see how amazing you are.  

Empower Yourself to Live Environmentally Conscious with Joy, Luxury, and Grace

♦ Learn how to live a holistic life without compromising luxury or grace.

♦ Know your value so you can live a passionate and joyful life.

♦ Discover how to manifest the intentions that you desire most.

♦ Break away from fear, shame, and embarrassment so you can express yourself freely.

The Program also includes…

25 holistic health mentoring/coaching components to give you a basis for amazing change.

12 live sessions so you have face-to-face customized support. 

13 support exercises to keep you on the right track so you are able to implement the changes you desire.

Printable exercises, templates, and guides that will help you track your progress so you can see results over time.

BONUS #1: 
VALUED at $1500

2 Personalized Care Packages


  • Holistic natural products, herbs, teas, & supplements specifically selected to address your health issues so that you have a tailor-made just for you natural tools!
  • Items are consciously vetted to benefit you AND the environment.  Once selected, items are shipped to you directly – all you have to do is follow the directions. 🙂
  • Information and clarification regarding dosage and use of the natural products selected specifically for you based on the scientific and intuitive approaches.
  • Personalized encouragement so you know you are supported during the duration of the program.

BONUS #2: 
VALUED at $600 

Audio & Video Files


  • Audio and/or video files of the live sessions so you feel fully supported and can easily review your customized strategies we discuss. 
  • Audio and/or video files of the support exercises (visualizations, and meditations) you receive so that you save time and can follow the instructions easily.
  • “How to” audio and/or video files of your customized support exercises so you can make the holistic changes that are right for your healing journey.

BONUS #3:  
VALUED at $500

Email Support


  • Weekly email support to address any unanswered questions so you can implement your customized holistic strategies and break free of your old habits and patterns.

  • Get clarification regarding dosage and use of the natural products suggested so you don’t get stuck in your negative health symptoms!

  • Know you are supported by having your questions answered in a timely, thoughtful, and caring way that addresses the issues that are specific to you.

This isn’t for the person who…

♦ Will not make any changes related to food choices, mindset, or overall perspective on life.

♦ Believes the only way to feel better is by taking a pill.

♦ Does not want to share their physical and emotional frustrations with anyone outside the medical community.

But if you are someone who…

♦ Is ready to embrace a holistic lifestyle with luxury and grace.

♦ Desires to live a healthy life while making environmentally conscious decisions with ease.

♦ Yearns to work with a compassionate professional that will listen to their needs.

♦ Is self responsible and is ready and willing to do the work to live and heal holistically.

Then You Are...

You can breathe a sigh of relief now.  I got you!

Your Support Begins Today

As a Holistic Empowerment Mentor & Clinical Herbalist and I am so looking forward to supporting you in healing naturally with clear and customized recommendations that address your lifestyle without sacrificing luxury or grace. My promise to you is that I will remain honest but compassionate so that you can feel supported as you make the changes needed to live a healthy, environmentally conscious, and joyful life. 

If you have questions about the Holistic Living Empowerment Program, send me an email and I will get right back to you and help you decide if this program is right for you. Send your message to me at Kristy@almandinewellness.com and put “question about Holistic Living Empowerment Program … ” in the subject.  I will be in touch ASAP.

In Luxury & Holistic Health,

Still unsure? Here are the answers to some common questions…
  1. How do the live sessions work if I don’t live near you?
    The program is designed for global access. I work with people around the world. The live sessions are conducted online through video conferencing. This customized approach allows for a personalized touch any where in the world.

  2. Can you promise I will feel better immediately?
    No. I can promise you will see positive shifts in areas of your life that you weren’t expecting. Clients find their lives improve holistically, not just with their physical condition(s). Although you will not always feel “better”, the intention is to address any challenges that arise so you can heal naturally. I PROMISE to ALWAYS provide honest and compassionate support during the moments that are most challenging for you.

  3. I really want to make changes in my health, but I’m afraid to spend the money right now…
    There is no better time to invest in your health and wellness. It is important to remember your health is your greatest investment because without it, ease, grace and luxury is impossible. When feeling like you can’t “afford” a program like this, ask yourself the following: How will you feel in a week, month, or year if you don’t invest in the program? Can you keep on like this? What is the cost of you NOT investing in holistic health?

  4. How often to your run the program?
    The program is customized for each client so there are no set start dates. Once you commit to the program, we start immediately.

  5. Are the live sessions the same day and time every two weeks? What if I can’t make every live session?
    The live sessions are scheduled in advance, so it is usually most convenient to have them the same day and time. Because this is a customized program, we can adapt to life events. Flexibility (within reason) is the embodiment of luxury and grace.

  6. Is there a payment plan?
    Yes, we discuss payment options during the qualifying call.

  7. How is this different than other “coaching” programs?
    In lots of ways, but there are three big ones. 1st – I am NOT a coach (although some of my clients think of me that way). I am a holistic empowerment mentor and clinical herbalist. I designed the program to empower each of my clients in the ways they need it most. Because of my education and professional background, I intertwine science, intuition, and practicality into all components of the program. 2nd – I believe in luxury AND grace. Holistic living and healing isn’t possible if it as the expense of luxury and grace. 3rd – My program is customized down to the herbs and supplements that are recommended for YOU.