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Set Intentions NOT Expectations

Not ANOTHER Resolution….I QUIT!

New Year’s resolutions can be complicated – some people split them into lifestyle categories (love, health, work) while others broadly brush their goal without much thought (to be a better ….). 

Until a few years ago, I did what most of us do – reflected on the past year, identified changes I wanted to make, and set goals.    In the moment each goal seemed doable – exercise daily, be more patient, stay in touch with friends and family, etc.  Yet I “failed” to reach my goal or achieve my resolution(s) because the expectations I placed on myself were out of reach.  For me, exercise daily translated to join a gym and go seven days a week, patience morphed into me maintaining a saintly disposition and never being annoyed, and staying in touch required me calling someone I knew daily.  My self-imposed expectations weren’t grounded in reality. 

It wasn’t until I figured out that setting an intention for the New Year is what works for me.  This approach allows me to be aware of the choices and actions I make daily.  If this resonates with you, please do the same.   Set an intention where you mindfully choose a new thought pattern or action instead of living on autopilot.    

Why not intend to have and maintain yourself in optimal health and wellness?  Does that seem too lofty or overwhelming?  If it does, it might be because you don’t have the appropriate level of support in your life.  This is where my intention comes into play. 

I INTEND to assist you in your pursuit of health and wellness every step of the way.

Through the power of intention and a solid holistic health program, a purpose and joyful life is within reach.   The intention is yours, but the program is developed together.  We will first tackle the four most common areas of health that give us discomfort when out of balance.

♥ Digestion
♥ Sleep
♥ Energy
♥ Concentration

We do this in broad steps over the course of 6 months: 

1. Create a personalize approached in a one-on-one setting.
2. Develop awareness & understanding of the body-mind-spirit connection.
3. Use herbs, supplements, and natural health products to re-balance areas of health


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