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Live and Heal Holistically with Luxury ⇒⇒⇒

Heal Holistically 
Customized Herbal Strategy, Guidance & Support

By combining conventional health care methods with natural products and female empowerment, I offer a unique and balanced approach to living holistically.  With focused, personalized care, your body can heal so that you can enjoy life to the fullest.

I am excited to empower you on your holistic healing journey! Find out which option is right for you…

Customized One-on-One Holistic Living Empowerment Program

A 6-month program that addresses your specific needs and health issues from a holistic perspective.

Each component of the program is designed to create lasting change as it relates to your habits & emotional blocks so that you are free to live an Empowered Holistic Life that includes luxury.

Learn how to incorporate herbs, supplements, essential oils and natural products to empower yourself to live holistically.

This is your stop to gain knowledge about how nature, plants, and common herbs & supplements can improve your health holistically. 

A 90 minute private consultation. During the consult, we will look at your current condition and devise an overall holistic strategy where you feel empowered when it comes to healing naturally.  

You will leave the strategy call with a practical path forward on how you can live and heal holistically.

Read What My Clients Have to Say About Working with Me

“My digestive issues are gone!  I went
from not eating or planning my activities around public restrooms to feeling free.  For the first time in my LIFE I enjoy my days with our fear, pain or embarrassment.  Yes, I changed some of my habits but it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be.  I am thrilled with may new lifestyle!  

Alicia D. 

“Kristy is fantastic at her job!  I have been laid up for weeks with the flu and ear, throat, and sinus infections.  Once she learned of my condition, she “worked her magic” as I like to say.  She helped me heal quicker and I am grateful for her persistence, knowledge, care, and support.  She definitely knows her stuff!”  
Stacey J.

“After experiencing extreme fatigue for months that resulted in daily naps, reduced work days, and mental fog, I was deeply frustrated and out of medical options.  Thank God I reached out to Kristy!  Within a week after following her recommendations my stamina & energy increased by at least 50%.  The dark clouds have parted and I am so grateful & excited!” 

Diane S.

Schedule Your Free 30-Minute Holistic Living Empowerment Strategy Call

To discuss your specific needs and how I may best serve you, you will FIRST be directed to a short questionnaire. 
This questionnaire is a REQUIRED step when setting up the FREE call with me.

More Than Just Mindset Your Body Craves Luxury & Grace

My products are specially formulated give your body the feeling of luxury while also hydrating, nourishing, and enhancing your well-being holistically. By treating your physical body to great natural products, you soothe your mind, improve your mood, and elevate your soul.

White Lava Exfoliating Wash

Reap the benefits of smooth skin with this gentle exfoliating wash.  The white lava gently scrubs away tired skin leaving you feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.  

Arnica Recovery Gel

A fast-acting recovery gel that absorbs quickly into the skin to sooth sore and aching muscles.

Deep Therapy Hand Crème

This hydrating crème penetrates dried and exposed areas.  The added essential oils of lavender and bergamot are not only healing but uplifting as well.

3 Mindset Secrets to Empower on Your Holistic Healing Journey

Stay informed with tips and information on how to incorporate herbs and natural approaches to live holistically.  I develop each free gift with one mission in mind – to empower you to learn, heal, and maintain great health naturally without sacrificing luxury or grace.