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My Client’s Journey to Beating Chronic Hives Naturally

My journey began over 5 years ago…

I’ve been dealing with chronic hives for over 5 years.  When this began I went to my doctor, who in turn, sent me to an allergist who evaluated my condition.  After a year of testing the allergist determined that my condition was idiopathic and there was nothing anyone could do.  I was given a prescription for prednisone and told to take daily allergy medicine.  I followed the direction as best I could, but I continued to have hives.  The allergy medicine made the hives itch less, while the prednisone would make the hives less visible at times.  Nothing was consistent. 

I just accepted that I was going to suffer with hives for the rest of my life, but then things changed for the worse.  Within the last year my hair started to fall out, I stopped menstruating, my scalp became so itchy I had to use a medicated shampoo daily, I developed heartburn, gained weight, and I was tired.   I was sick of going to the doctor and emergency rooms for steroid shots, but I was even sicker of feeling tired EVERY SINGLE DAY, ALL DAY.  My exhaustion was getting in my way and I wanted more energy. 

A typical episode of hives for me on my inner and upper thighs.
I am doing my best not to lose my mind here!  This is me make up free with hives on my face.
I am doing my best not to lose my mind here!  This is me make up free with hives on my face.

My Results…

One day I was talking to Kristy (full disclosure – Kristy @AlmandineWellness is my sister) and she said, “Val, let me try and help you.  I think I can.” So, in December we set off on this journey to see what would happen and the results are amazing! 

Prior to our initial consult over FaceTime (we are thousands of miles apart) I had to fill out a few questionnaires.  In our initial consult she looked my tongue and asked some questions so that she could develop a plan for me.  Part of my plan included drinking more water, taking a couple of different herbs and a mineral supplement, and following a fairly strict eating plan for the first two months. 

In less than 30 days my skin was clear, full, and hydrated.  I was not tired during the day at all! I noticed my scalp was not itchy and my hives only seemed to appear if my immune system was down.  Kristy and I talked each month and reviewed and tailored the plan as needed to make sure it worked for me. 

It’s now been six months and I no longer have heartburn, no itchy scalp, my menstrual cycle is back on track, my hair is thicker, and the biggest result, NO HIVES!  As an added benefit I lost 25lbs!

This is me less than 30 days into my journey with Kristy.  I am make-up free with the exception of a small amount of mascara.  I am happy - no hives, my skin hydrated and smoother .
This is me in early May - 6 months after my initial consult.  Make-up free with the exception of my eyes.  I feel great and my skin has never looked better.
This is me 25 pounds lighter and 11 inches thinner!!! My weight loss was an added bonus - notice my thicker hair and clearer skin.  It takes a team and until I worked with Kristy I was stalled in my fitness.

My Delight & Surprise…

Over the last 5+ years I have tried physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and multi-level marketing companies from friends that promote health and weight loss.  While some of these things helped for a short time – my hives would be gone for a few days, I could use the medicated shampoo weekly instead of daily, and my weight loss would never “stick”.   I would just bounce from one approach to the next with little relief. 

I really was not too optimistic that anything would change regarding my hives.  No one was able to help with that issue, but Kristy never doubted that I could live hive-free.  This was such a nice change from other practitioner approaches.

Kristy’s consult was the best thing that I could have done for myself and I will continue to work with her as I rebalance my overall mind and body.  I recommend her to anyone who wants to try another option in their journey for better health and wellness!!!

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