Tuesday, December 12, 2023

11:00 am MST/ 1:00 pm EST

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Whispers to Screams –
Decoding Your Body’s Messages
Live Masterclass


You are on your way to learning how to listen, understand, and respond to your body’s unique messages. 

Healing holistically with ease is right around the corner…


Bonus Videos...

Get a head start – herbal quick wins await!

Why your most obvious body symptoms don’t address the root of your imbalances!
What is ACTUALLY going on with your digestion…

♦ finding the pattern.
♦ potential root cause. 
♦ energy sensitivity. 

Discover the ways to use
♦ Ginger
♦ Cardamom 
♦ Fennel 
for gas, bloating, and to improve digestion. 

Finding the patterns of your hormonal fluctuations is possible because…

♦ you can influence your body’s chemistry.
♦ genetics is just one piece.
♦ hormones don’t just happen TO you.

Get the 5 steps to finding your hormonal patterns

Learn how 

♦ Raspberry
♦ Cramp Bark
♦ Ylang Ylang 
♦ Clary Sage

can help you feel stable, emotionally balanced, and calm so you can make clear decisions easily. 

How understand your body’s secrets can change your health and life…

♦ uncover the hidden areas of your body that need the MOST support.
♦ the truth behind skin issues.
♦ sticking to a health approach – the missing link.  


Quick wins using
♦ Rosemary
♦ Chickweed
♦ Lavender
to relieve skin irritations and flare ups.