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How high achievers, business owners, and corporate professionals reach their goals
while maintaining their health & honouring their lifestyle choices with ease.

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January 10-21, 2022

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♦ Over the course of 10 days you will receive access to top international experts who are sharing their secrets that enable them to be successful leaders in their field while living in optimal emotional, physical, mental & spiritual health.

♦ 75 minutes of value packed information will be presented by business, health, and/or consciousness experts daily.  

♦ Unique content that will support you on your holistic healing journey.  This practical, yet POWERFUL, approach by which the information is delivered will…

→ empower you to identify the ways your body communicates so you can give her what she ACTUALLY needs,
→ provide you with clarity in your career and/or business, and 
→ deepen your understanding of how everything ties together holistically with luxury.

♦ The opportunity to relax & reset, while learning what you need to do to set yourself up for success through the lens of natural healing & luxury living.

Meet Your Conference Speakers
Meet Your Conference Host

Your host, Kristy Garnet (Cl.H., M.Sc.) is a Holistic Living Empowerment Mentor & Clinical Herbalist serving high achieving professionals in healing naturally with clear & customized recommendations that do not sacrifice grace or luxury.

After being in the corporate world for nearly 20 years, Kristy understands the demands a career puts on her clients health & personal life.  She offers corporate executives, business owners, and “type A’s” a way out of the overwhelming “alternative” health & wellness world so that they can fully stand in their power to choose the most appropriate holistic approach for them, release emotional resistances, and balance their career with luxurious self-care so they can reach their goals with energy & ease.

Kristy’s approach of combining scientific & complimentary health techniques in a personalized format was developed from her own need to reach her personal and professional goals while maintaining her lifestyle choices.

As she started to delve deeper into the natural health arena, Kristy worried that she needed to give up the luxuries of modern life and the high-end lifestyle she enjoyed.

Not a yuppy and not a hippy – she felt out of place in both realms until she became passionate about herbal medicine. 

Through herbal medicine she realized there is a way to have both – luxury & holistic healing! The key to changing your health and life for good is to understand what YOU need, learn to receive support and incorporate luxury into every aspect of your life.

It is Kristy’s mission to spread her approach with the world so that everyone can access energy to reset, better health, and more joy while living an environmentally conscious life that supports the planet – all of which sets you up for personal and professional success!

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I want natural healing, holistic living, and luxury! 

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