Welcome to Bonus Day!  
Host Spotlight

Kristy Garnet

As a Holistic Living Empowerment Mentor & Clinical Herbalist, it is my mission to empower and equip my clients with practical strategies and unique mindset approaches so they can Level Up in their health and life without sacrificing luxury.

I dive deep into:

♦ Why taking the “sacrificing”, “working”, and “doing” more approach to reach your goals is sabotaging your life, and what you specifically need to do to avoid burn out and disappointment.  

♦ How my physical imbalances led me to a place of self healing, conscious awareness, and serving others on their own holistic healing journeys.  

♦ The specific formula for making life and health changes – *hint it isn’t about logic, will power, and science ALONE.  

♦ How the things you are currently doing keep you stuck and why frustration and envy can fuel you into becoming the next BEST version of yourself.  

♦ Why holistic healing can be so impactful and what changes occur when you rebalance your body, mind and soul.

I also dropped a major truth bomb….

 Health “improvements” DON’T work in the long run.  You must CHANGE and level up your health by doing something completely different.  It is a choice only YOU can make.  

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